The Dr. Ronald Christie Award

 The Christie Award is given to a former Chair of a Canadian Department Medicine who has made outstanding contributions to academic medicine in Canada.  The award is named after Dr. Ronald Christie, who is credited with making major contributions that changed the direction of academic medicine in Canada. 

The 2016 Winner of the Dr. Ronald Christie Award iS:

Dr. Wendy Levinson

Dr. Wendy Levinson, Professor of Medicine and Past Chair of the Department of Medicine at the University of Toronto. She is a national and international expert in the field of physician-patient communication, studying topics including the disclosure of medical errors to patients and informed decision making. She is presently the Chair of Choosing Wisely Canada, a campaign to help physicians and patients engage in conversations about unnecessary tests, treatments and procedures.  She is also coordinating an international collaborative of Choosing Wisely campaigns in 17 countries worldwide. Dr. Levinson was appointed as an Officer of the Order of Canada for her work in 2015.

Previous Recipients of the Ron christie award:

  • 2012     Dr. John Conly (Calgary)
  • 2011     Dr. John Kelton (McMaster)
  • 2010     Dr. David Goltzman (McGill)
  • 2009     Dr. Jeff Turnbull (Ottawa)
  • 2008     Dr. Paul Armstrong (Alberta)
  • 2007     Dr. John Cairns (McMaster)
  • 2006     Dr. Tom Marrie (Alberta)
  • 2005     Dr. Eliot Phillipson (Toronto)
  • 2004     Dr. Ian Bowmer (Memorial)
  • 2003     Dr. Arnold Aberman (Toronto)
  • 2002     Dr. David Hawkins (Memorial)
  • 2001     Dr. Mamoru Watanabe (Calgary)
  • 2000     Dr. Allan Ronald (Manitoba)
  • 1999     Dr. Phil Gold (McGill)
  • 1998     Dr. Henry Dinsdale (Queen's)
  • 1997     Dr. Leslie Valberg (Western)
  • 1996     Dr. Peter Macklem (McGill)
  • 1995     Dr. Lou Horlick (Saskatchewan)
  • 1994     Dr. Jack Hirsh (McMaster)
  • 1993     Dr. Charles Hollenberg (Toronto)
  • 1989     Dr. Ramsay Gunton (Western)
  • 1988     Dr. Jacques Genest (Montreal)
  • 1986     Dr. John Beck (McGill)